Kickoff Meeting


Our first step is to hold a kickoff meeting at your facility in order for everyone to meet face to face and lay out the details of our process.  We also use this meeting to align certain requirements such as camera passes, keys or badges to be assigned, etc..

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Detail your Compliance


If requested, we will take a walk through of your facility and check the compliance level of your LOTO program.  This would include looking at current procedures, reviewing procedure audits and reviewing training records.

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The Fielding Process


Our field engineers will take each individual machine and call out each energy source coming into it.  We will then detail what type of energy source it is, its magnitude and how to bring it to a zero energy state which then complies with CFR1910.147(c)(4)(ii).

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Procedure Creation Process


Then our Field Engineers take the information gathered during the fielding process and create a high graphical lock out tag out procedure that your authorized personnel can easily use to bring the machine to a zero energy state.

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Energy Source Tagging


Each energy source is then tagged with an individual marker that coincides with the tag shown on the procedure for that specific device.  

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Copy for the customer


A digital copy of the procedures are provided in PDF format on CD or USB drive for the customer to use with their MMS software, or to keep as their record.  If requested, Scope Safety Services has a dedicated server to store the procedures offsite for an annual fee. 

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