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Procedure Audits


 Scope Safety Services provides auditing services on Lockout / Tagout procedures to ensure that they are updated and compliant. safety audits pipe marking

Confined Space Procedures


Scope Safety Services provides high visual Confined Space Procedures which detail the entry points, hazards, equipment needed and emergency information. 

Facility Assessment


 Gain peace of mind by having Scope Safety Services perform an safety assessment of your facility. Our highly qualified  field engineers will identify the full scope of work, provide a price and scope guarantee, and address any site specific concerns. 

Alternative Measures Procedures


 Minor tool changes and adjustments, and other minor servicing activities, which take place during normal production operations, are not covered by this standard if they are routine, repetitive, and integral to the use of the equipment for production, provided that the work is performed using alternative measures which provide effective protection.

 (See Subpart O of this Part). 

Overall Safety Services


Scope Safety Services provides assistance and services to perform safety audits at your facility in order to assist you in keeping your safety program compliant and sustainable.

Machine Safety Audits


Scope Safety Services conducts Machine Safety Audits to keep your employees safe from injuries and also saves your company by reducing accidents and conforms to ISO  13849-1.

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