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Scope Safety Services provides "High Visual" Lockout / Tagout procedures for our clients.  We also tag each energy source to coincide with our professional procedures, thus virtually eliminating any errors during lockout. lock out tag out safety equipment safety compliance

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Other Safety Services

Scope Safety Services offers other services to assist you in bringing your total safety program in OSHA compliance.  Machine guarding audits, pipe marking audits, ISO 13849 audits are just a few of the auditing services we offer.

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Why Scope Safety Services?

Scope Safety Services partners with your company to ensure that your Lock out / Tag out Program is OSHA compliant and best suited for your employees.  With over 13 years experience in safety,  Scope Safety Services will partner and champion your LOTO Program. lockout procedure lock out tag out safety equipment safety compliance


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EMAIL: scopesafety.mlee@gmail.com

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Scope Safety Services

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